A Guide to Buying the Baby Strollers in the Market

Shopping for a baby stroller can be bewildering or overwhelming, especially if you're a first-time mother. That's simply because there are many brands and model strollers that come with different features. If you're shopping for a baby stroller, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the brand you want to purchase. 

You don't have to buy the most expensive stroller in the market because even some of the a high-end' strollers continue to be criticized from the safety point of view. If you are on a tight budget, you might need to compare among the many brands and models to settle for a strong, quality stroller.

Types of Baby Strollers You Can Choose From

A Guide to Buying the Best Baby Strollers in the Market

Standard Strollers

A standard stroller features a comfortable padded seat that allows the baby to recline in different positions. Majority of standard stroller designs come with sunshades/canopies and storage areas. Some strollers allow the child to face forward while others position the child in backward leaning positioned to face the parent. These types of strollers are available in simple inexpensive designs, medium quality models and high-end strollers loaded with lots of features.

Travel System Strollers

A travel system is a standard stroller that comes with an infant car seat and toddler seat that works as a lightweight stroller for children of up to four years. Travel systems tend to be larger, heavier and more expensive than standard strollers. One of the advantages of using this type of stroller is that it allows you to comfortably move your sleeping baby and offers you the option of closing the leg-holes to create a less expensive version of a combo stroller. Most of the travel systems come with an adjustable backrest, which allows your baby (regardless of their age) to enjoy comfortable recline position.

Umbrella/Lightweight Strollers

These folding strollers feature curved, umbrella-like handles and single-handed folding system. They might be the best option if you are looking for high quality, lightweight and durable stroller ideal for traveling, hopping in and out of the car or navigating though small spaces. Umbrella strollers are perfect for growing toddlers but you can check for the manufacturer’s recommended age before buying.

All-Terrain Strollers

All-terrain strollers are a sports-utility vehicles' for moving your baby around. They are the best alternative to buying separate full-size stroller and a jogger. An all-terrain stroller is larger, sturdier and tends to be more expensive. It offers easier maneuverability, durability and tends to be more lightweight.

Jogging Strollers

These are three-wheeled strollers that are aerodynamically designed to deliver a smooth ride for the pusher (runner) and the passenger. Made for trail and street running, they are relatively lightweight and feature a hand brake and parent’s safety strap. They can be perfect for taking your child to a morning jog, long walks, rides and hikes through the woods.

Double and Triple Strollers

Majority of the standard strollers are designed with a space that fits only one baby. But if you have been blessed with twins or triplets, then you need to consider shopping for double or triple strollers. For twins, you can choose from either double side-to-side strollers or double/tandem stroller with one seat directly behind the other. Bother of these designs are available in lightweight umbrella designs and sturdier full-size stroller styles.

Key Aspects to Look at When Shopping for a Baby Stroller

A Guide to Buying the Best Baby Strollers in the Market


Before purchasing a stroller, you should ensure its frame firms locks into position with an easy-to-use mechanism. That will basically prevent the stroller from collapsing accidentally when pushing or moving the baby. Be sure to examine the frame against any sharp edges or protrusions as the baby's fingers might be pinched by uncovered springs or get caught between parts.

Harness System

When shopping for a stroller, it is important to examine the restraint system. A 5-point harness system is the safest as it can wrap around the waist, between legs and come down over the baby's shoulders. Also remember to get a stroller whose buckle is easy to unhook yet secure for the child.

Adjustable Seat

A toddler needs a seat in which he or she can recline in an almost flat position until they have gained stable head control and can sit up. A reclining seat is perfect for napping for toddlers and older babies. Always check for a seat recline mechanism that's easy to use and preferably single-handed.


A perfect stroller is one which can be pushed in a straight line and turned with one hand. Wheels that can swivel, particularly in the front and rear, will make the stroller easier to turn around. A perfect stroller is one which allows for easy operation even when you're wearing open-toed shoes.

Some of the major maneuverability aspects you should check for a stroller include:

The braking system: choose either hand-operated or leg-operated brakes.

Handle height: should be at be at or slightly below the pusher's waist.

Canopy: Going for an adjustable shade will protect your baby from the sun, rain, wind and against UV light.

Lifestyle Considerations

If you're living in an apartment that does not have much space, then you may to consider a small stroller design that can be folded and placed in a corner. You can purchase a travel system or a universal stroller, especially if your baby is below 6 months. If you want your stroller to have more features, then an all-terrain stroller can just be perfect for you.

Other major aspects you might need to consider include:

Multistage Usage: Look for a full-size or all-terrain stroller that's well equipped with settings and accessories that can be used till the child is fully grown.

On-The-Go Strollers: An ideal stroller should allow you to attach car seat to wheels, travel system or an easily-folded umbrella stroller.

Storage: If you love carrying lots of stuff when you go out with your baby, then consider purchasing a stroller that comes with sufficient cup and food holder and/or stroller travel bag.

Style: If you're looking for quality and stylish stroller, then you need to compare among the brands and models available online.

Important Safety Tips When Buying a Stroller

Before taking the stroller, home and put your baby inside, it is important to consider whether or not the stroller you want to buy has been recalled (if it’s second hand). That’s because there are strollers that can amputate the fingertips of your baby or child because of the sharp edges and other deformities.

If you consider purchasing a second-hand stroller at a cheaper price or have been given the stroller from a friend or family member, then be sure to subject the product to the criteria mentioned above. Make sure the wheels are stable, the frames sturdy and that it offers greater maneuverability.

How Much Can a Typical Stroller Cost You?

The cost of a stroller will largely depend on its design features, size and functionality. However, a typical traditional stroller can cost as little as 60 USD while high-end models may cost up to 1,000 USD and beyond. With the availability of different brands in the market, you can always make comparisons to identify one that comes with the best features but at reasonable price.

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