Why you Should Choose a Baby Stroller Over a Baby Carrier

First-time parents always have trouble when it comes to making choices on the things they think their baby should have and the things their baby really need. It is no wonder they get mixed up just because they end up choosing what worked for their friends instead of considering what will work for them and their baby.

When it comes to your baby, the final decision should lie with you and your spouse and it should be based on comfort and safety for the baby. This is why we will separate the wheat from the chaff and let you decide what is best for you and your young family.

Why you Should Choose a Baby Stroller Over a Baby Carrier

Baby carrier vs baby stroller

This has to be the debate of the decade. Even though each has, legitimate reasons why you should choose one over the other but the truth is if you can afford them both then buy them both. However, there are a few eye openers you need to know if you have to choose between the two.

Pros of a baby carrier the question of whether to buy a baby carrier or a baby stroller should be limited to when it is advisable to buy a baby stroller. To begin with, it is advisable to “wear” your baby within the first 6 months of childbirth.

Infants love the closeness that comes from being carried near your chest. The familiar sound of your heartbeat they have grown accustomed to since the days they spent in your womb. As for toddlers, there are baby carriers that distribute weight and allow you to carry them on your back where they snuggle. A baby carrier strengthens the mother-baby bond.

However, the ultimate reason to go for a baby carrier for infants is the flat back head syndrome. The medical term for this is plagiocephaly. During the first months of childbirth, your babies skull is very soft and vulnerable. Placing baby to rest on the back of its head for long hours may distort the babies head shape. A baby carrier will reduce the time a baby spends lying on its back. Compared to a baby stroller, the cost of a baby carrier is relatively cheap.

Cons You risk bumping your baby into surfaces as you try to do other chores in the house. Besides bumping the fear of spilling your baby when you bend to pick things is real, it has happened to many people before. The baby is in a continuous state of growth, soon it will be heavy for you and the inevitable truth is you will need a baby stroller to perform more outside activities with your baby.

Why you should have a baby stroller

A baby stroller will relieve you from the burden of carrying your baby everywhere. Pushing baby around is rather easy than carrying it. A stroll or a ride in the car has proven to be a reliable technique to soothe a baby. The baby relaxes and even falls asleep leaving you with enough time on your hands to run other errands.

How safe will the baby be in a baby stroller? This is a major concern for every mother. A stroller has a shade and a protective frame that protects your baby from sunlight and shields your baby from environmental hazards. You can easily take a hot drink on a table with baby lying comfortably on its stroller without the risk of spilling the hot beverage over your baby.

All new mothers wish to get back in shape as soon as possible after childbirth. Getting time to exercise and still meet the demands of your newborn can be quite a challenge, but a stroller allows you to have frequent walks, which is good for you and your baby.

Different types of baby strollers

A baby stroller is something you will use for a very long time. Care should be given when choosing the right model for you and your baby depending on your lifestyle.

Luckily, there are several types of baby strollers available in the market today for you to choose from. Each has a specific purpose it serves. It is very difficult to miss what works best for you.

Standard size It is the traditionally accepted baby stroller fit for all parents. They all have a car seat adapter but few have a full recliner, which is supposed to act as a bassinet for infants. However, for the right price, you can get a standard size stroller that comes with a separate bassinet.

Very comfortable, with wheels that can maneuver easily. It is somewhat heavy but this accounts for ample storage space to carry your baby's items.


Very ideal for parents who travel a lot. It folds like an umbrella and is very light and compact. However, they lack the car seat adapter and is not ideal for infants. The small tires make it less maneuverable and are hard to push on rough terrains.

Jogging stroller

You should only opt for this when baby has developed neck balance. However, they are designed to reduce the impact on bumps. They have large tires filled with air and good shock absorbers.

Double stroller

For parents who have twins, you do not need to buy two strollers. Double strollers are designed to fit in most doorways and are conveniently light. Even so, most double strollers do not come with 2 infant car seat adapters. It is advisable to opt for a double car seat frame that always has this option.

Car seat frame

They have a frame for car seats to click onto. Very rare for first-time moms but quite common with second-time moms who have learned through experience. It has proved significant to reduce the load and stress on moms who delivered through a C-section and are limited to what they should carry.


In conclusion, the question of whether to buy a baby carrier or a baby stroller is entirely up to you. It can be a financial decision or a lifestyle decision. Nevertheless, you will agree with me that a baby stroller outweighs a baby carrier and allows you more freedom to live your comfortable lifestyle.

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